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Adventures in Juggling
American and Proud of It
As the Lord Works
Career Builders Blog
Carolina Rags
Daydreamer of Oz
From the left side of the country...
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He Set My Life to Music
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Carolina Rags

Adventures in Juggling

This One's for the Girls

One Scrappy Gal

Career Builders Blog

From the left side of the country...

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Saturday, April 15, 2006
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Prices for my services can now be found at: Bluebird Blogs.


Blogger Beckie commented:

OOOHHHHH Suzie! What exciting news! The first one looks great. I just may give you a holler back soon to do one for me.

» 2:03 PM 
Blogger Jess commented:

Congrats! Its beautiful! Where were you about 3 months ago, BEFORE I moved to a non-blogspot site? :) Let me know when you'll do WP. Meanwhile, I'll pass you around!

» 3:15 PM 
Blogger Robin commented:

I am soooo doing this! I'll let ya know when!!

» 11:31 PM 
Blogger songstress7 commented:

Susie dear, if you start doing Typepad blogs, you're so hired! I love the work you've done...

» 1:14 PM 
Blogger Dennis Smith commented:

Hi Susie! My wife just told me about your site (via Shannon - Rocks in My Dryer). Great job on her site - we are sold! Please help us :)

Just sent you an email and would love for you to overhaul my site and my wife's new blog ( and

Can't wait to hear from you!

» 7:54 PM 

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